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FISD Board of Trustees Goals

Forestburg ISD Board of Trustees


School Board members: Charley Lanier, Kristy  Tillman, Chad Hudspeth, Billie Piorot, Audimarie Keown, Skip Mann, Jimmy Raney

back row: Charley Lanier, Kristy Tillman, Chad Hudspeth

front row: Billie Piorot, Audimarie Keown, Skip Mann, Jimmy Raney; Board President

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FISD Board of Trustees

Goals 2019




1. The District will make every effort to recruit, develop, recognize and retain highly qualified personnel in every District position. 




2.  The District will provide a well-balanced and comprehensive education program and will provide the resources necessary for all students to meet academic performance standards and meet their full education potential. This information will be readily available and transparent to all stake holders.  





3.  The District will continually encourage and model the appropriate use of technology in the academic environment and will make every effort to prepare students to be successful in current post-secondary education and job markets.




4.  The District will strive to hold students to high academic and attendance standards and will expect them to pass their academic courses and state mandated exams, as well as attend classes regularly. The District will monitor students who struggle in these areas and provide appropriate assistance to them as needed.




5.  The District will create and provide the resources necessary to create and maintain a safe and drug-free education environment, that is highly conductive to academic and extracurricular success, and reflects the Districts continued commitment to excellence in all endeavors.




6.  The District will exhibit fiscal responsibility as to always be good stewards of school funds and will consistently maintain the trust of stakeholders through regular and transparent communication with the community.




7.  The District will encourage and provide opportunities for FISD parents and community members to participate with, and be fully involved in the education of their students.




Priority Goals





1.   Ensure all students receive credit CCMR of State Accountability.  (Goal 2)




2.   Increase the math rigor of classroom instruction resulting in a higher percentage of students scoring at the “Meets” level of all content areas.  (Goal 4)  




3.  Increase fluency and comprehension in grades K-4.  (Goal 4)





4.  Staff retention (Goal 1)




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